Saturday, January 12, 2008


It just proves how inefficient and bureaucratic our government is. 


Since Senator Grassley chose not to follow past procedures by making a referral to the IRS, I wonder how Senator Grassley thinks he is more qualified in accounting and the tax code than IRS investigators.


I think if this is allowed to continue, the precedent set could be devastating.  The door would be wide open to persecute any church any where by arbitrarily demanding to investigate their finances.  Since organized religion (and I don’t use the term in the usual negative sense) is the biggest threat to liberalism and total government control of the masses, then the easiest way to eliminate that threat is through attacking the finances.  Old tactic.


In closing, I have a suggestion.  Since Senator Grassley is SO concerned about how DONORS’ and TAXPAYERS’ is spent, I propose a disclosure of SENATOR GRASSLEY’S finances.  How many houses does Senator Grassley own, what kind of cars does he drive (oh, I forgot, he doesn’t drive, someone does that for him), and oh let’s not forget his private (taxpayer funded) jet too.  Just to set things in perspective, let’s review just a few of the Congressional perks according to the National Taxpayers Union website:  high six-figure salaries that annual increases in the cost of living rarely touch due to their own pay increases – that THEY vote on; pension benefits that are two to three times that of similarly paid executives in the private sector; health and life insurance, that, ¾ and 1/3 the cost of is paid for by, yep you guessed it, YOU AND I; vehicles, not limited to, but including limousines; travel to distant places (other than their home districts), many of which are just plain “junkets”, which are paid for by YOU AND I of course; what’s called the “franking privilege” which give Congressional members millions in TAX dollars for creating a favorable public image; and exemptions from tax, pension, and other laws from which individuals do not enjoy such exemptions, and who creates these exemptions? Yep, the lawmakers themselves.


One last thing:  from, here is a copy of Senator Grassley’s fundraising finances:

2003-2008 Source of Funds 

Individual contributions



PAC contributions



Candidate self-financing






2003-2008 PAC Contribution Breakdown

   Business                                              $2,574,65    (91.7%)

   Labor                                                  $70,000      (2.5%)

   Ideological/Single Issue                      $162,479      (5.8%)

See something here?  For one, candidate self-financing – a flat $0.00. Political Action Committees (PAC) though?  40.6% of his total contributions.  And where does most of the PAC money come from?  Business, coming in at 91.7%.  Now, wonder what a comparison between this and Senator Grassley’s voting record would turn up?  Thinking this is just on the Republican side of the aisle?  Not so, major PAC money contributions have been a way of life in Washington for many years now, the parties notwithstanding.


I just think that instead of spending MINE AND YOUR hard-earned tax money on “investigating” ministries that have a proven outreach track record, I think we need to turn around and take a long hard look at all the perks and benefits extended to members of Congress that is worth millions of dollars of OUR money, in addition to their salaries.  If Senator Grassley is so worried about a few ministers having the finer things in life,  then Congress needsobey Matthew 7:5: “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”  If we eliminated these luxury perks and exemptions enjoyed by Congress due to their mere existence, I think we would see a big change for the better in not only our tax laws but government overall. Congressmen would be more like, well, people whowork for a living.



wwfbison said...

I agree with what you said..  I am reading from first post back so I said the exact same thing you did in my first comment regarding government salaries & perks.  I would rather see my tax dollars used on other things than attacking churches.

ma24179 said...

Of course they will attack the churches. Why not look for anything they can to help bring a bad reputation on the church, they want to get rid of Christianity! -Missy

queeniemart said...

well written and thorough entry.....this man sounds like he also just wanted his name in the news!

lifesabench6 said...

HI DIrk- I also find the percentage under PAC's, that "Ideological/single issue contributions  interesting.  What's that all about?  I guess for the liberals, that's most likely groups like GLADD and PFLAG?  And another thing- they give themselves such a cushy pension- could we get something like that instead of having to depend on non existing social security benifits?  It's easy to be sarcastic when talking about politicians- sorry!  God Bless!  Carolyn