Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I received an e-mail alert from GOP USA with a link to an article about fourteen House Democrats that are trying to stop the building of the border barrier between the U. S. and Mexico. The BROWNSVILLE HERALD reported that this comes about three years after Congress granted “an unprecedented waiver” to build the barrier on protected lands.  In an ARTICLE authored by Bobby Eberle, these Representatives are taking the government to court to stop it.  The excuse, uh, pardon me, reason?  Environmentalism.  Groups such as THE SIERRA CLUB and the DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE are behind it.  The Sierra Club has the article about their stance posted on their website entitled TUSCON: BORDER WALLS PUT PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT AT RISK.  Their chief reason is so ludicrous it would be laughable if it wasn’t a matter of national security.  That reason is that “as the number of blockades and fences grows, immigrants have been forced deeper into the often deadly Sonoran Desert.” Notice how they carefully omitted the word ILLEGAL from that statement?  All immigrants have NOT been forced deeper into the desert – ONLY THOSE BREAKING THE LAW.  Their next reason is supposedly environmental – the Sierra Club alleges that building four roads as requested by the U.S. Border Patrol, installing lights, and six fences would “cut off and isolate the northern portion of the desert and mean a loss of diversity in plants and animals over time.”  Just for the record, I love the environment, I love animals, and I love the great outdoors.  But we must keep our priorities straight. It’s a known fact that the U.S.-Mexican border is the easiest access to our country by terrorists.  In ANY other country in the world, this would be a no-brainer.  But here?  Our national security is going to be tied up in litigation for years. I just wonder what vested interests are at work here.  And the names of the Democrats we need to thank for putting us at risk?  Here they are:


Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), Homeland Security Committee Chairman (you believe this one?????)

John Conyers (D-MI), Judiciary Committee Chairman
John Dingell (D-MI), Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman
Bob Filner (D-CA), Veterans Affairs Chairman
George Miller (D-CA), Education and Labor Committee Chairman
James Oberstar (D-MN), Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chairman
Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), Intelligence Committee Chairman
Louise Slaughter (D-NY), Rules Committee Chairwoman

Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY)
Susan Davis (D-CA)
Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ)
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)
Solomon Ortiz (D-TX)




wwfbison said...

Well, I am surprised at this. I am a long time supporter of DOW (I won't apologize for this as they have done tremendous good for wildlife)..I am shocked they would choose to take the stand they have.  I am all in favor of protecting our environment but not at all costs especially when it is the issue of national security.  I feel the wall needs to be built and I would rather see some sort of compromise on the issue rather than getting the Supreme Court involved, it is clear this is not a cut & dry issue.
I am dissappointed with their stance on this and will be following it closely.  I saw these headlines in my email newsletter from them a few weeks ago but didn't read the article.

lifesabench6 said...

Hi Dirk- you can't imagine how angry this makes me. I have to say that I am not surprised by this though- since we haven't had any attacks (yet) since 9/11, we all know who believes this is not a real war, and don't take any threats seriously.  Now, where I live- our panthers are in bad way, and are on the endangered list, also gopher tortoises and a few other animals.  I love animals and the outdoors just as much as you do- we live on the back of a new preservation area and I love it- even though the county is doing damage by removing exotics.  They are running over gopher tortoise burrows and Lord knows what else- but they know it needs to be done to protect future habitats.  The environmentalists all cry at the pitiful amount of habitat left for panthers- yet seem to have no problems building things that reduce the habitats even more- because the space is needed for more people who move here.  I don't like it- but I know that people need to have a place to live- and I also know that we need to be secure!  If some islamofascist comes through the wide open border with a suitcase nuke- no one will be around- not even the animals.  The fences may be a nuicance and force some change on the animal habitats- but like our panthers, bears and other animals here- they will survive.  As a legal resident, it OFFENDS me to be lumped in with those who willingly break this country's laws- even while they know they could possibly die getting here.  I'm tired of the sob stories- there will beso many more when terrorists come across before if ever the fences do get built.  God Bless!! Carolyn

nhralph said...

I live in a very rural area. I can state for sure that no matter what we build, animals have a tendency to bridge that barrier. You can build a fence and they will go under it, over it, or around it. Animal species should be the last concern for border security.
Maybe what we should do is enact a policy that copies exactly Mexico's immingration policy. We need to look at what is important, the security of this country or a getting huge voting block for liberals.

rdautumnsage said...

The welfare of our country should be foremost in our sights. Yes, we need to protect our environmental rights but there is a line we need to keep drawn. How much is too much? When a country is put at risk we need to give more weight to that consideration. (Hugs) Indigo

queeniemart said...

ok, this is not good. Why can't the politicians come up with a way to stop the flood of illegals into the US? No one can agree on any solution and they continue to show up and die trying to get here.

ma24179 said...

Just in case you didn't receive my e-mail, I added you to my private journal. Please reset your alerts. (((HUGS))) -Missy

moondawghouse said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit, Dirk. The open-borders crowd is using every trick at their disposal to hold up or block the building of any wall or fence on our southern border. The Dems are hoping to import an entire lower class of poor, ignorant peasants that they can put on social programs, or assist as the "working poor" and thus create dependency and empower themselves forever. By tripling and quadrupling the number of dependents, and getting their votes automatically (who's going to vote against their own gravy train?) this new voting bloc will outnumber and overrule anything that people like you and I can do. It's another scheme to force socialist rule on us all.


randlprysock said...

This entry brought to my mind Florida borders.  About a year and four months ago we were living in FL and it was all over the news about the government letting foreigners contract for all sorts of jobs controlling and having access to our east coast ports.  Crazy stuff.

jt44mag said...

well i agree with you might add bush's name along with his administration staff and they had to be brought to the table kicking and screaming because the voting public raised such an uproar and formed their own militias and border patrol..illegals help to drive the cost of labor DOWN in this country...something bush has always and will always support ...they are getting into every job sector ...all with the excuse that they are supposedly doing jobs we are unwilling to do.....could be true to a degree as most of these employers are unwilling to pay a decent wage ..and so they get richer by hiring illegals without fear of punishment by the government for breaking the law......also its a slap in the face to all the people who have legally immigrated after years of waiting and complying with all the red tape......j...t...