Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here is a video about something I have been hearing for years now.  I have heard a number of doctors, "voices crying in the wilderness" as it were, trying to warn people about this.  In short, vaccines contain a number of toxic poisons.  I was familiar with part of the list, but wait until you see the list in this video.  It's shocking, unbelievable, but not surprising, because big money once again overrides our health and wellbeing.  This is extremely important information.  Please take the time to view the video in its entirety.


lifesabench6 said...

Hi Dirk, I can't get the video, but I do thank you for spreading this info!!  God Bless you and I hope many people see this~  Carolyn

pharmolo said...

As you know I'm not currently following journals. Exceptions exist to any rule, and so I watched your video. Had a spot of bother keeping myself in my chair and not fall out. You are right to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, many of which have their problems in terms of side-effects, most likely attributable to the components you list.
As a pharmacist, I however object in the strongest possible terms to the general alarmist and negative tenure of this video. Vaccinations have their place, and have had for decades, in the prevention and eradication of disease. Encouraging people to decline vaccinations is lunacy. Sorry. When the MMR vaccine was (falsely) implicated in the development of autism, uptake fell away, resulting in an increase in the incidence of measles, mumps and rubella - all of which are serious illnesses, which carry complications and can lead to death. Would you deprive your child of a vaccine, and then find her dying of a disease that the vaccine could have prevented her from contracting?

As ever yours,

katerh99 said...

Dirk, I have spent some time last night as how to answer what you have put forth. My question is this: are you aware of the awesome power of the Internet? How many people are going to be influenced by what you have written? I' m sure many readers of your messages will figure, "He is a very, very intelligent guy, therefore he must be right." How many will decide against vaccinations and end up paying a horrible price? Were you thinking of the responsibility that went along with this material? It's easy enough to say, "That's their choice," and absolve yourself of any culpability of what fed into their decision.

Have you ever cared for a blind child who didn't get his measles shot? Know an infertile man because of mumps? Seen how an iron lung functions for polio cases?

It just is not worth it to skip vaccinations! Period.

riversharki said...

Dirk; this is an interesting video. I will research this as it deserves to be looked into in an in-depth manner.

In the February 2008 issue of the Whistleblower, a monthly publication of WorldNetDaily.Com, "The New Plagues" is a cover-to-cover expose about America's immunity being under attack. Many previous diseases once thought to have been eradicated are resurfacing. Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and numerous other Super-Bugs are making their way back into our society.

Alternative lifestyles & out-of-control immigration and other causes are making once controlled diseases surface along with many new ones.

Another major cause for todays Super Bugs is the fact that over use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections. Some doctors nevertheless prescribe antibiotics before they know rather they are dealing with a bacterial or viral infection. Pushy patients have also demanded antibiotics and don't often finish the full course of their treatment, thus leaving survivors of the bacteria which grows and spreads through the community. The bacteria then becomes drug resistant and the Super Bug developes.

It is an alarming concern. Thank you for presenting this video.

jckfrstross said...

Dirk thank you for this info i don't agree with most of it. But that is what makes america great. Sure some of the drugs they are passing off as vaccines are awful and bad but there are good ones too. have a good weekend


manda2177 said...

This was very interesting.  I have been 'against' vaccinations for about 2 years now, and in doing so have hours, and hours, and hours of research to back it up.  This clip brought up some good points.  It was well rounded and consise.

Thanks for sharing and getting the truth out there!
God bless-

manda2177 said...

Maybe I should have read your other comments first... Its hard to believe how much WRONG information is out there!  People make choices based in fear and selfishness.  I would never, NEVER do anything to harm my child.  If anyone could prove to me, and so far, no one has, that vaccines actually save lives, I would be firs in line to protect my kids.  But sadly, the opposite is true.

KEEP SHARING the truth, despite the lies others have been raised to belive.

If they would do the research, if they would see where the motivation for new and continuous vaccination originates, they would change their sceptic and critical and dismissive minds.

When an average 50 year old woman was a child, she was given 6 shots.  Not our kids are expected to get over 54.  FIFTY  FOUR.  

I'll never understand how people can deny the PROVEN links to auto-immune disease, autism, asthma, ADD, ADHD, and many, many more diseases based on childrens vaccine schedules.

GET INFORMED PEOPLE!  DO THE RESEARCH!  How dare people critisize you for sharinf the truth!  (It makes me angry I guess.)

God bless-

queeniemart said...

My mom had the polio vaccine and then she got polio...she was paralyzed for 6 months.....she always beat the mantra "vaccinate your kids" into my head....i remember once that Chad got 4 shots at once. No bad reactions for either of my kids. I watched that video. It makes you think.