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We are all hit with a barrage of "news" from Iraq.  Isn't it interesting, though, that we never hear about the good things that are happening there.  To find the positive accounts, one has to dig.  Finding the negative? No problem.  I think we have this backwards, but this isn't surprising from the mainstream media.  I am including a few of the positive things that have and are taking place there.  Here are some excerpts from the diary of a soldier stationed in Iraq, Captain Dan Sukman:

"August 14, 2006 - One major accomplishment is the turning over of the city of Mahamadiyah to the Iraqi forces there. Nearly 10 months ago, the police force was practically non-existent, and the Iraqi army presence was negligible. Today, we had another ceremony where we gave the security responsibility of Mahamadiyah to the Iraqi army. If I had told you 10 months ago the Iraqi army would be ready to take control of the city, I'd have been locked up in a padded room. This really reflects the hard work of our MiTTs [military transition teams] and battalion that have been working in Mahamadiyah over the past year.

July 15


A lot of people ask, "Where are the good news stories?" or "Where are the success stories?"

Here you go:

Our brigade took another step forward today. We turned over another portion of our AO [area of operation] to the Iraqi army in South Baghdad. It's a small step; it won't make national headlines, but it's steps like these that will eventually have us all on our way out of here.

Each time we turn over territory to the Iraqi army, it really represents the culmination of an enormous amount of hard work, both by our U.S. soldiers and the Iraqi soldiers.

As I discussed previously, this war is a marathon, not a sprint; fighting a counterinsurgency takes time; it measured in inches. We did not turn over the entire city of Baghdad to the Iraqi army, but we are a little closer today."

Well said.  You can read his entire diary on the Fox News website.  Here's more, this time from the Defend America website: "FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan, July 13, 2007 — Afghan engineers teamed up with the facilities engineer team here to complete a host of construction projects to include a “play ground,” a Mosque roof, and an ammunition holding area.

The Afghans have assisted in the many facets of the engineer processes. This included supervising the contracted equipment projects, as well as doing some small project design work.  Since the start of the program, our expectations are greatly increasing. They have a lot of knowledge. My civilian engineers were pleasantly surprised by their expertise,” said Army Lt. Col. Mark Jacobsen, facilities engineer team leader, from Gresham, Ore.  The Afghan engineers, from the Khowst Province and Paktia, are proud to be part of the Coalition team.  'We want to work for the Coalition forces,” said Abdullah, one of the Afghan engineers who graduated from Kabul University Engineering Facility. “The rebuilding of Afghanistan and the security situation are important to us and our country. We are building good relationships with the Coalition engineering teams.' "

Want to hear more?  This is from an article written by Austin Bay dated March 13, 2007 for Real Clear Politics: "The chattering class nostrum that Free Iraq and its coalition allies have "lost the Iraq war" is so blatantly wrong it would be a source of laughter were human life and hope-inspiring liberty not at such terrible risk. 

In January 2003, I argued that toppling Saddam's tyranny in Iraq would do two things: begin the process of fostering political choice (democracy) in the Middle East and bring al-Qaida onto a battlefield not of its choosing. Moreover, that battlefield would be largely manned by Muslim allies, exposing the great fractures within Islam and the Middle East that al-Qaida's strategists tried to mask by portraying America as "the enemy."

Credit the Iraqi people with taking the opportunity by conducting three honest, open, democratic elections. In May 2006, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki formed a democratically elected, consensus-seeking government not simply in Mesopotamia but in the heart of the politically dysfunctional Middle East.

That's an astonishing achievement.

Al-Qaida's now-deceased emir in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, understood the stakes. In a message to al-Qaida (intercepted by theCoalition in February 2004), Zarqawi wrote that after Iraqis run their own government, U.S. troops will remain, "but the sons of this land will be the authority. ... This is the democracy. We will have no pretexts." Iraq's new army and police will link with the people "by lineage, blood and appearance."

The terrorists and tyrants understand. It's a shame America's chatterers don't.

Unable to defeat coalition soldiers or dim liberty's appeal, Zarqawi and his terror clique chose Iraqi civilians as their target. They concluded that an Islamic sectarian war between Shia and Sunni was the only way al-Qaida would avoid defeat. That might entail temporarily placing a secular Saddam-type tyrant in power -- hence the short-term cooperation with thugs from the former regime. Al-Qaida and the Saddamists bet their bombs would break the Iraqi people. That has not happened. They know their resiliency is a stinging rebuke of terror and tyranny."

You can read these articles in their entirety on these websites.  With a little digging, and unfortunately you have to dig to get the good news about it, you can find much more that give a true picture of what has happened and what is happening.  One major benefit we have from taking THEIR game to THEIR playing field (which they REALLY did not want) is that we haven't been hit again on American soil.  Yes, we have acts of terrorism going on there, but that's the point.  It's THERE, not HERE.

I salute all of our men and women in the U. S. Armed Forces that have made this happen, and the extraordinary job they do everyday . . . for US.


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fisherkristina said...

Thanks for the info.  I like Fox News.


bhbner2him said...

Hurrah for the good news!  Bubba took me out to Wal-Mart today.  Along the way we must have talked to 25 young people if we talked to one.  (Small town + rainy Sunday = WallyWorld) One of his friends who graduated with him this last May, will be shipping out in two weeks with the Marines.  I pray him safety.  And just as much I praise and thank him for defending me, our home, my son, our life.  -  Barbara

amiragabrielle said...

I came by via Nelisha's blog. I just don't like the killings on all sides. I read blogs all over the world. Here is one who lives in Iraq. Here is the link. I try and listen to all sides. Enjoy your week.


candlejmr said...

I don't doubt that there is alot of good news and great stuff happening in Iraq.  I just can't help but wonder if the good actuall outweighs the bad...and if it is enough good to justify all the bloodshed...on both sides.


lifesabench6 said...

Excellent post Dirk- you know from mine (thank you for your encouraging comments!) that I agree whole heartedly.  I think it's a disgrace of the press and our liberal and rhino government that they are NOT telling it all like it is.  Sure there are setbacks, bombings and mayham still- but there has always been positive things going on too.  In many places now, Iraqi people are showing our guys where the insurgents and al quaida buggers are holed up.  They are sick of seeing their relatives and family members being murdered by their own "supposed" religious leaders.  Also, we hardly ever hear about all the kids playing and going to school- only about how there's still no water, no electricity etc.  It's pitiful.  Now with the surge working- they can't even tell the truth about that.  God Bless you, and thank you for telling it like it is!  God Bless our troops!  Carolyn

jckfrstross said...



queeniemart said...

this is all well and good....but.....
one of my closest friends has a daughter. That daughter has a husband....he is on his FOURTH tour of Iraq. They have 4 kids and the last kid has never met this soldier....he has been gone so long. The young man called his wife Friday night...weeping....he said that him and two others had taken their vehicle to check out another area and came back and three of his friends had been killed. They found out that the Iraqi military men who they pay to protect them ratted them out to others and died. This young man told his wife he believes he wont make it home this time. Four tours?
It is all emotional for me.....i held my friend as she wept in the breakroom for her SIL.
Take care!

irisheyes1929 said...

I think there is a wave of this going through J-Land.  I hope people across the country are going to start looking for and finding the good.  Hopefully it becomes more prominent.  
I found you through Guido...congrats on your man blogger award.  Thanks for speaking from a conservative point of view.

rdautumnsage said...

I agree better their soil than ours.....but it still doesn't dispute the fact that our soldiers are dying daily without home or family to see them off. (Hugs) INdigo

cgtperkins said...

You are exactly right....we have no trouble finding the negative even without looking. So, I am very glad to hear of the good things!! Thanks for sharing this.