Friday, December 14, 2007


I have a couple of items about the War on Christmas.  We have seen over the past few years things coming to the forefront about eliminating Christmas altoghether.  Some of these things most people don't think about such as schools going on "Winter break" instead of Christmas break, stores not permitting their employees to say Merry Christmas replacing it with Happy Holidays.  It's subtle, and many people don't think anything about it.  The subtle approach is what the liberal left has used to advance their agenda over the years, and suddenly the majority realizes what's happened, and wonders how it happened.  The liberal factions always do things incrementally instead of all at once in order to virtually eliminate objections from the majority.

This appeared in a catalog put out by LOWE'S HOME IMPROVEMENT.  Lowe's has refused to call Christmas trees by their proper name, but "Family Trees."   There is one tree pictured upside down in its stand.  Don't know what that's supposed to mean.  In keeping with everything in my journal being properly sourced and researched, here's the link to the catalog so you can see for yourself:

The next thing is taking place in DALLAS, GEORGIA.  Dallas is a small town in northwest Georgia.  It seems that a group of left-wing liberal extremists, calling themselves AMERICANS UNITED FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE have somehow found this particular Nativity and are threatening to suethe city if they don't remove it.  Well, I know how they found it.  Liberals for years now have been bypassing the legislative process of this country that goes through Congress then the President.  These groups do this in order to bypass the will of the people and promote their own agenda forcing it on the majority.  They pick and choose issues and file lawsuits in the courts that typically end up at the U. S. Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court stepped outside the bounds of the Constitution years ago with their rulings.  If you check out the Constitution, Supreme Court rulings were NEVER meant to become law.  One of their chief functions is to INTERPRET the law, not BE the law.  These nine justices have been allowed to run this country for far too long.  This group is using the same strategy.  This is to continue the attack on Christianity and another attempt to take Christianity out of the public eye.  That has been the goal for many years now.  They use the fictitious "separation of church and state" as the basis for their lawsuits.  Time for a little Constitutional law.  There is no such statement in either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution does say that Congress shall "make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."  Our Constitution came from the Bible.  Our country was founded by people who were escaping religious persecution because their beliefs were contrary to that of their government, and wanted to worship as they pleased.  So, is there an "issue" with a community displaying a Nativity scene?  Absolutely not!  Non-Christians are not being persecuted by the government because of their beliefs.  If the Americans for Separation of Church and State need a "separation of church and state" issue?  I've got one.  Every year, every public school in the country, displays religious symbols of one particular religion to the exclusion of all others.  What religion you ask?  THE CHURCH OF WICCA.  When is it celebrated?  Around October of every year, Halloween is celebrated and Wiccan symbols are in our schools.  In the Wiccan religion Halloween is known as Samhain and is celebrated on October 31st.  Here is the link for a listing of the Wiccan holidays and sabbats:

Does the ACLU, the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, or similar liberal groups have any objections?  No.  Their only objections are to religions that believe the Bible.  None other.  A prime example of this was when the ACLU sued a school over a Nativity display in their school library.  This was in the past year or two, and I think it was in Virginia although I can't find anything about it.  The ACLU lied in its legal briefs to the courts and omitted the fact that along with the Nativity, there was a Kwanzaa display, a Mexican holiday display, a Jewish display, and others.  In other words, it was a multi-cultural display.  But, the Christian display was the only one attacked.

The agenda is obvious:  remove any and all religious references and symbols from the public eye.  If this is allowed to continue, then the next thing will be having Christian displays in our own yards on private property removed.  The reason for this attack is that Christianity is the biggest threat there is to liberalism.  The idea is to do away with the threat.

By the way, there is a petition on TAKING IT GLOBAL circulating about the Nativity display in Dallas, Georgia.  So far, there are over 3,500 signatures wanting the Nativity to remain where it is.  The link to the petition:

Take a minute and sign it and help send these liberals back to Washington,D.C.



pharmolo said...

I find that sort of campaign political correctness gone over the limit, Dirk. The US started out as a nation of Christian background, and other faiths were welcomed and assimilated. Your note about the due process of the law being circumvented raised an eyebrow this side of the pond, but what do we expect with a numbskull like George W. in the White House.

lifesabench6 said...

Hey Dirk.  This has been going on for years.  It's pathetic that the majority of this country who claim to believe in God would sit back and allow unelected judges and anti americans like aclu and afs to keep crying about fictional things like the separation issue.  They love to quote that one little line in a private letter from Jefferson- all the while ignoring the whole text.  I am ashamed that I have obviously read the Bill of Rights more than many naturalized US citizens- and I am not bragging- I find it terrible that a highschool grad with little more schooling from another country would seem to know it better than Judges. Correct me of I 'm wrong- but since when are libraries, couny courthouses and schools a part of congress- who are the only ones not allowed to establish a national church?  Last time I looked- and I look often, all of these public buildings are paid for and run by we the people- we the Christian majority.  I did send an e mail to Lowes- and they did "apologise",but I expect to see more of these stores ignoring the Reason for the Season- all the while begging us for business.  I will continue to say Merry Christmas- and if I offend anyone- oh well.  I wouldn't be offended if someone wished me a happy Hanaukkah or Kwanza- I'd say the same back, with a Merry Christmas too!  Oh well- Bible believing Christians know it will only get worse, but at least we have Christ to look forward to!  God Bless you!! Carolyn

thatboyaintright said...

You don't know the whole story. The nativity was purchased with taxpayer money and decorated the area around the Mayor's church. That is simply wrong.

tampa0503 said...

What you bring to the forum is the same thing that has been discussed for a s many years as I am old and probably longer.  

rdautumnsage said...

I still believe in the freedom of all religions. In the end whatever you believe is what strengthens your courage, hope and love. If your beliefs don't in the very least encompass those emotions, you don't have a whole lot to back it up. Having said that, I have never had a problem with Christmas remaining as it has. The embodiment of the basic beliefs is to bring love and compassion alive during these cold harsh months among humanity.

I do agree we shouldn't have to sacrifice one person's belief for another's. Anymore it seems as the religious war on Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddist, Whatever your religion may be, is a sad attempt to bring control and contriversity to what is suppose to be a loving time among family. Thanks for posting your views on this hon! (Hugs) Indigo

stargazer2052 said...

         Dirk, thank you for your comments on my blog. the views I express on this about the immigration issue is not my own it comes directly out of the
"U.S. Constitution" I qoute the exact article and amendments on my other blog dedicated to illegal immigration.  It also states that by what President Bush is doing on our southern border he is not honoring oath to the Constitution.

                                      Thanks Again.


                               (As Fred Thompson first said)

                                  "Secure The Border First"

                                  "Vote For Fred Thompson"

                                          "Build The Wall"

ma24179 said...

I am upset because your alerts didn't work! I'm going to have to check into that, I had no idea you had done an entry until just now..grrrr........Anyway, This is the exact conversation that I had with my boyfriend the other night. I was telling him how the Christianity is slowly being taken away completely. I don't have the facts to back it up like you just displayed or the ability to explain this the way that you do lol BUT this was the point I was making exactly. I'm so glad that I am not the only one noticing this. There are other issues that concern me as well. I hope I can say this without offending anyone because it is a touchy subject..... I have noticed that black colleges and all black organizations are allowed to exist but not all white?? Also, Hispanic organizations?? Now, with that said, I am far from racist I WANT TO MAKE THAT VERY CLEAR. My son is mixed with hispanic, and two very close friends of mine are black. Anyway, my point is.. If we are asking for equality, then why can't the rules apply to everyone? Off the topic I know, but just an issue I wanted to bring up.

ma24179 said...

By the way, I will sign the petition. I hope you have a wonderful night! -Missy

stargazer2052 said...

             It is illegal to teach our children creationism! Why do I say this, well our public schools is funded by our tax money but, yet they teach Darwin's theory of
evolution.  So in effect it is against the law for you to not send your child to school
(except home schooling) So in that it is against the law to not teach your child evolutionism.

             I say if they truly want seperation between church and state stop teaching either creationism or evolutionism in the public schools leave those lessons to the parents.

              If you force our children to go to your schools stop teaching our children that thier is no God!!