Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm continuing on with more of the Democratic party platform so you'll know what you're voting for this fall.


  • A strong America begins with good jobs that support families. (Jul 2004)
  • Change tax system to not encourage shipping jobs overseas. (Jul 2004)
  • Protect workers’ right to organize. (Aug 2000)
  • The rights of low income workers must be protected. (Aug 2000)
  • Democrats will strengthen safety net for family farmers. (Aug 2000) (Since the government's land grab of the family farms of the '70's, wouldn't you say it's a little late for this one?)


  • New vision for America: strong at home, respected abroad. (Jul 2004) (The Democrats have been in control of Congress for years now. Why haven't they done it before now?)
  • Appoint judges committed to Constitutional rights. (Aug 2000) (That is friendly to the liberal left and the leftist agenda at the expense of the majority of Americans).


  • Bar practice of keeping retirement funds in company stock. (Jul 2004) (Does this mean they want to do away of 401K's?)
  • Oppose privatization and oppose raising retirement age. (Jul 2004)
  • Strengthen Social Security for Baby Boomers. (Aug 2000) (Since the Democrats have been in control of Washington the vast majority of the years since the inception of Social Security, looks like it could have been fixed before now.  I have a couple of a few suggestions: restore the Social Security trust fund and end the practice of paying for everything else BUT Social Security, and stop extending benefits to those who have never paid anything into it).


  • Cut taxes for middle class, not the wealthy. (Jul 2004) (Last time a Democrat increased taxes for "just the wealthy", I found out that my $20 thousand something a year was "wealthy"!)
  • Cut taxes for working families, not richest 1%. (Aug 2000) (Ever notice how this is always a part of the party platform and decade after decade they never seem to do anything about it?  And as for cutting taxes in general, this party has traditionally opposed tax cuts, and opposed ALL tax cuts given to ALL Americans by President Bush.  Remember when President Bush was first elected, and Senator Zell Miller, D-GA, hair-lipped all the Dems when he came out in support of Bush's tax cuts???)

    • Put science ahead of ideology in research and policymaking. (Jul 2004)
    • Vigorous federal highway and transit initiatives. (Jul 2004)
    • Every home should have Internet access. (Aug 2000) (We already have the Universal Giveaway, er Connectivity charge on all our telephone bills that was implemented by the Clinton administration to give everyone Internet access - in eight years, it hasn't happened yet? Just another entitlement - libraries have Internet access without the socialistic redistribution of wealth.) 
    • A big priority is to grow new economy. (Aug 2000)
    • Electronic bill of rights will protect privacy & kids. (Aug 2000)


    • "Name and shame" terrorist sponsors, tough on Saudi Arabia. (Jul 2004)
    • Focus on Afghanistan to avoid renewing terrorist haven. (Jul 2004)
    • Focus on preventing terrorism by education in Muslim world. (Jul 2004)
    • Need a plan to "win the peace" in Iraq. (Jul 2004) (Then why are the Democrats all wanting to just pull out of Iraq and let the terrorists take over again?)
    • Internationalize Iraqi military and political presence. (Jul 2004)
    • Committed to Israel but support Palestinian state. (Jul 2004) (Typical, isn't it? Supporting a Palestinian state is supporting a terrorist state).
    • Commitment to Israel is unshakable. (Aug 2000) (Just rhetoric here - the U.S. sells Israel out from time to time when Israel should be supported).


    • Raise EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) & minimum wage to $7 & expand middle class. (Jul 2004) (Raising the minimum wage = higher prices which hurts the most the very people this is supposed to help.  Since the number of people actually trying to earn their living with minimum wage jobs is statistically zero, it's obvious this is to appease the labor unions.  Union contracts are tied into the minimum wage.  Minimum wage increases, union workers' pay increases by the same percentage.)
    • Harness power of faith-based organizations PLUS govt. (Aug 2000) (Notice how PLUS is capitalized?  In other words, government control of faith-base organizations). 

    In my next post on this topic, I'll conclude with how the Democrats stand judging from their voting record.  It will include a graph so you can easily see where the Democratic party's ideology stands based on Democrats' voting records.



    katerh99 said...

    What do the Republicans have to offer? Has there not been enough suffering imposed on the U.S. in the past eight years? Surely you are not suggesting that we would be better off continuing with the same type players with similar scripts?

    tsalagiman1 said...


    I'll be posting the party platforms of all the parties represented in this year's Presidential elections along with entries about the candidates themselves.  Although I don't agree 100% with the Republican party platform either, and I don't agree 100% with President Bush's policies, I'll side with the Republican party rather than the Democrats.  The Democratic party no longer represents middle-class America and hasn't in some years now.  This is what prompted Zell Miller's book, "A National Party No More".  But, for the record, I've said for years that if my standards were applied to the politicians in office in Washington at any given time, they would eliminate at least 98% of them.


    lifesabench6 said...

    I get so tired of being made to feel like an imbicile or as feeble like a child!  Government acts as if we were all too stupid to make our own choices, but you know the sad part?  Many who vote for the dems act in a helpless way and do act as if they need government to do everything for them.  As for the minimum wage?  You are so right, all this will do is cut jobs, raise costs and cut hours.  I don't know what it is in Canada now, but when I left, the minimum wage was like 9  bucks an hour.  You know what?  There are still working poor there, and prices of things are through the roof.   Part of why I moved to the States was because taxes were so high and the cost of living was way beyond my means- even while making 14 bucks an hour.  Ifgiven the chance to keep our money, I think the dems would beshocked at how well the majority of us could manage.  They are so out of touch with reality it's pitiful.  God bLess you Dirk~  Thank yoU!  Carolyn

    thatboyaintright said...

    The DEM platform has both good & bad, just like the GOP platform. Depending on the spin someone places on it, it can be whatever one says it means. The real test will be how it gets implemented into policy when Obama gets elected.

    No, I am not an Obama supporter, but Bush & Company have messed it up so badly that any imbecile can win this round --- & Obama is going to prove that true.

    Yes, we need "change" but I don't think we really understand the "change" Obama is calling for.

    Right now, civil liberties are my biggest concern. I'm not so sure either party has what it takes to defend the Constitution in that regard.

    I may just do what I've threatened to do for years: eitehr write my own name in ('cause I am 100% positive I am more honest & ethical than any of 'em, though I don't think I'm competent enough to do the job well).

    moondawghouse said...

    "A strong America begins with good jobs that support familes."

    If they believe that, then why the hell do they keep raising the minimum wage, increasing the capital gains and other business taxes, and enacting endless and more restrictive regulations -- in short, why do they do everything in their power to create a hostile business environment that forces businesses to cut hiring, or in many cases, move their operations overseas???

    Open mouth, insert foot!!