Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes, you read that right.  Obama thinks your children should learn Spanish.  This, of course, is to accomodate Spanish-speaking immigrants who don't want to learn English, regardless of whether or not they are legal.  Instead of insisting that they learn English, we are to learn THEIR language in OUR country.  This is a short video, so those of you on dial-up should be able to load it.  It's only a little over a minute in length.

Just for the record - I think Americans going abroad to live should learn the language of the country they are in, instead of expecting that country to accomodate.  I've already practiced what I preach on this one.  I went to Germany during my Senior year of high school.  I learned enough of the German language before going to get around.  I never insisted that the German people speak English.  I was in THEIR country, and out of respect for them, I learned some of THEIR language.  That's the way it should be here in America.

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wwfbison said...

Well...IF I choose to learn a second language it sure as heck isn't going to be spanish.  I believe there is an expression as old as time which says "When in Rome do as the Romans do" so...when in US do as the english speaking Americans do.  This is an english speaking country and I have no intention of learning spanish...if someone speaking spanish needs something from me, they had better learn it in english or they are SOL as I am not wasting my time trying to figure out what they are saying.  This has my blood boiling.
(Sorry it's been so long since I've been around.)

rdautumnsage said...

Native Americans have already been forced to learn English now they want us to learn Spanish? I seriously doubt we will be so accommodating this time around. (Hugs)Indigo

randlprysock said...

The more I hear about this Obama dude the less I like of him....
I took French, Spanish and German and in highschool along with English of course and I still think that immigrants should learn our language along with theirs.

katerh99 said...

Everyone, puhleese lighten up! Obama is pushing bi-liguists. Play the speech again. He said practically everything you all are saying! Sounds as if somebody has been nipping at the Conservative bottle a little too long, and then hitting the computer! To quote Obama, "Merci beaucoup". (That's French, you know?)

lifesabench6 said...

Hola Dirk!  I agree with you on the fact that if we go to another country- whether to visit or stay, it is only the right thing to learn the language of that country.  Obama and the rest of the elites think they are so brilliant because they can speak dual or triple languages, but don't believe we hicks are capale of learning on our own.  I find it funny how he slammed us dumb Americans for not beng able to Habla Espaniol or even Parlez Francais, but did you notice in his messiah speeches in Europe- He HABLAD ENGLAIS!!!!  For the record- this french canadian a,reican redneck, Bible thumping, gun totin' legal immigrant hick of a home schooler is teaching my son Spanish, French, Sign Language and we will be beginning Greek as soon as financially possible!  Just because Los Preseidentes de los Estadoes Uniado de America poder habla espaniol, don't mean the rest of us have to!  μπορώ Θεόs ευλογώ you αδελφόs!  (may God Bless you brother!)  Carolyn

pharmolo said...

There is nothing wrong with learning a foreign language - Spanish and Spain represent a rich cultural heritage. I'm from Holland, and when at school, I learned 4 foreign languages (English being one of them). You can achieve much more in the world of today if you're a polyglot. I understand why you bridle at Mr Obama's idea (illegal migrants), but never forget the US is populated by migrants from all over, who drove out the native Americans who had been there for thousands of years. Will post myself on this subject later today.


tschuckman said...

Hi Dirk,
Personally, I LOVE to learn other languages, but I feel strongly about teaching people in America "who look like Mr. Obama" ...LOL, to learn the native tongue that they were BORN with--  ENGLISH !!   Half of them, IMHO, are functionally illiterate, and that pretty much precludes them from succeeding in life.    I studied Latin, French and German-- and tried to learn Vietnamese and Thai when I was fighting for your collective freedoms in RVN, etc.   BTW, American Soldiers and Marines are taught and sworn to OBEY ORDERS [and the US Constitution] and fight America's enemies, foreign and domestic.    I have seen good and bad in ALL races in my 59 years on earth and blog about them frequently.
    But as for Barack Obama wanting Americans to learn Spanish in particular--  that smacks of an ulterior motive, like it's our job to help assimilate more illegals who sneak across the Southern border.   That is just wrong minded, IMHO.

I enjoy your Blog.

Tom Schuckman
"Old Soldier Tom's Journal"

sybilsybil45 said...

Having just listened to the Obama speach it seemed only right and proper that ALL children in America learn American English and as a SECOND language (as I think he is saying) learn Spanish is one of the worlds most used languages it seems perfectly normal to me. To start learning another language ie if you are a spanish speaker you must be able to know a little English...likewise surely if an American wants spanish speakers to use English they must learn to speak Spanish ?  I have always greatky regretted that in my far off school days I was not taught a second language as ALL childern are here even 5 and 6 year olds now get a smattering of another language  be it spanish/french/chinese  whatever.  So never fear another language it only enhances everyone and deminishes none.  Sybil
of village life

cuteallison1980 said...

I agree that when in Rome do as the Romans do.  Of course it makes sense that when you are going to another country to learn their language.  This country is a melting pot of individuals from all over the world and Spanish speaking people make up a huge percentage of that.  I agree they should do what they can to learn English but not everyone has the capacity to pick up a new language.  As long as our government persists in not controlling illegal immigration this problem will only get bigger.  That is where the problems take flight and that is what is important in my mind.  Anyway, have a happy weekend. : )


helmswondermom said...

I have responded to this entry with an entry of my own, Dirk.

moondawghouse said...

Well, the point is that no other country WILL accommodate you if you don't speak the native language and you're outside the tourist areas. The average person in Mexico isn't required or strongly urged to learn English, so that they can converse with Americans who travel there. If you're outside the resort area in Cancun, you'd better know some Spanish!! ONLY in America!!!

Businesses jumped on this multi-lingual bandwagon right off the bat, so they could sell their goods and services to foreigners and now it's gotten totally out of hand. Maybe that's the downside of capitalism, the profit motive, etc., but it's just gotten crazier and crazier.

English is the native language of America. Those who come to live here, legal or illegal (and that's a whole other issue) need to be compelled to learn English. And if they refuse, then they can GO HOME!!! If that makes me a "racist," then so be it!!!


lv2trnscrb said...

first time commenting on your journal; I think you should learn the language of the country you plan to call your home plus I think it is a good idea for schools to teach different languages and for people to learn different languages. Living in Southern California, I am very well aware of a lot of people who do not have a basic understanding of the English language and have to rely on translators for doctor visits, when they are in trouble with the law and are in court, ordering at a restaurant, etc. I would think that they would want to learn the language of where they are living to make their lifes a bit more easier; but that's my opinion. good entry and thoughts about it.