Saturday, September 20, 2008


Folks, once again, America is treading on very dangerous ground.  Our politicians are selling Israel out for two reasons: first, as you all know, we absolutely must not offend the Arabs.  The U.S. has been way too concerned about keeping the Arabs happy.  They only act friendly towards us because we continue to buy their oil and they don’t mind the extra security of having our military bases there.  If we started drilling for own oil here, and in a few years no longer needed their oil, I think we’d see a whole other side of the Arabic nations as in they wouldn’t be so super-friendly.  The second reason is that backing Israel right before the Presidential elections would be politically inconvenient.  The majority of Americans have been so taken in by the liberal news media hype to oppose the WAR ON TERROR that I think the Bush administration fears that backing Israel on this issue might cost Senator McCain the election.  The liberal news media has been gearing up to crucify President Bush about Iran for quite some time now.

America, we’re going to have to fight Iran sooner or later.  Iran already has advanced weapons systems in place right now courtesy of Russia.  Iran’s nuclear weapons program is being partially funded by North Korea.  Israel wants to take action now before the first nuclear reactor reaches the “point of no return”.  Iranian President Man-i-need-a-job’s

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primary goal is to completely destroy the nation of Israel and the United States (in the graphic, yes, that’s the U.S. already fallen and broken prior to the fall of Israel).  He is taking steps to carry out that threat.  Iran needs to be stopped now before they have nuclear weapons.  When a war is inevitable, it’s obviously much better if it’s conventional rather than nuclear.

One more thing to think about.  I’m sure that this has brought questions to our Allies about whether or not we would back them.  Since our position with other countries has for years now depended on whether or not it’s “politically convenient” or if it would offend other enemy nations.

It’s high time that we had politicians with some backbone that would do the right thing regardless of the impact on their own political careers. 

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lifesabench6 said...

Hi Dirk- you've been busy!  Excellent post and well documented as usual.  I totally agree that this is political correctness gone crazy- but I honestly believe we will be witnessing a few prophecies very soon.  Another way we are "dissing" our best Middle eastern friend is by negotiating with Palestine about Jerusalem.  I truly believe my friend that if Israel gives away part of Jerusalem- even one block- this will be America's demise.  People think I'm crazy talking this way, but there have been little bits here and there coming out of Israel about the Temple mount and Jerusalem- being discussed at the "Peace" talks.   Between this and what you're talking about here- oh my, it's going to explode one way or another very soon.  I know mine have been dry and lengthy, but I'm getting to all of this and the Gog/Magog, Russian alliance, Islam and Iran in my series~  There is just so much happening so fast, I can't get the stuff all organized quickly enough.  Sometimes I wonder though why I post it at all, but as long as I even only have one reader- I will keep posting.  God Bless you Dirk.  What you're posting about is very unpopular, and I appreciate you talking it on.  God Bless you and thank you for your love of Christ, and Israel.  Carolyn

tschuckman said...

Hello Dirk,
I always take Carolyn's side and we are on the same page.   How can you possibly think that the Congress will ever get together when they are so diametrically opposed??  One would never pee on the other's clothes  if they were on  It works against their monetary interests.
     There is really not too much to worry about for a poor boy like me -- as my life is in GOD'S HANDS, not some greedy politician... Ha!

Good post, Dirk.

Tom Schuckman

wwfbison said...

This is a scary read Dirk.  I was disturbed by the graphic.  I really need to study up on these issues as I am really in the dark here.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.