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I will continue my party platform series and some more posts about Senator McCain and his positions on various issues, but there is some very important events taking place in Israel right now.  When I saw this, I knew I needed to post it.  You definitely will not hear this on any of the mainstream media outlets in the U.S


This is an article from the Israel News Service’s ARUTZ SHEVA.  This should concern every single American as anytime we sell out Israel, there is always a very quick negative impact on the United States.  It is vitally important that as many Americans as possible know about this.  Here is the article:


US Won't Help Israel Attack Iran


by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel


Israel may soon be left with no realistic option to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and no time to find another solution. The United States has turned down Israeli requests for military assistance in attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. This will hamper the tiny Jewish state in facing off alone against the much larger Islamic Republic which is equipped with some of the latest military technology from Russia. As compensation, the U.S. has agreed to bolster Israel’s missile defense system.”

Israel would not be allowed to refuel its military planes in Iraq, or even use Iraqi airspace for a flyover on the way to Iran. Even if Israeli jets were to reach Iran, they might not be able to carry powerful enough bombs to do the job. The U.S. has refused to supply Israel with equipment such as bunker-buster bombs critical in destroying heavily fortified nuclear installations.”

“Israeli officials have been in talks with their American counterparts for several months over specific requests for military assistance, and U.S.reticence over an Israeli strike hasled American military and diplomatic officials to decide against supporting what they see as Israel’s growing commitment to an attack on Iran.”

“Among the requests most critical for a successful Israeli solo strike on Iran is the ability to use Iraqi air fields as a refueling point for Israel’s fighter-bomber fleet that would be used in the attack.”

“The dropping of guided bombs on targets as small and sensitive as a nuclear reactor requires the precision and agility that could be likely achieved only by a very low-altitude release.”

“The distance between Israel and Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr is over 800 miles. A large bomber aircraft would have the fuel range for such a non-stop round-trip flight from Israel. However, the necessity of a low-altitude approach to the target, combined with the heavier aircraft’s low speed and maneuverability and lack of sufficient armaments such as rockets or cannon, would render it extremely vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire or attacking Iranian jets. Last December, Russia installed one of its latest anti-aircraft missile networks in the hostile Islamic Republic.”

“Such operations are therefore usually performed with supersonic fighter-bomber aircraft, such as theF-15s and F-16s 


used in the 1981 bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor and last year’s bombing of the nascent Syrian reactors. However, these aircraft do not have the fuel range to safely make a trip to Iran and back without refueling. Unless the Israeli planes would be able to refuel somewhere along the way – American-occupied Iraq being the only viable choice – a bombing run on Iran would likely become a suicide mission.”(My commentary here: Because we won’t even allow Israeli planes to pass through Iraq or use landing fields in Iraq, I think there is a very good likelihood that many Israeli pilots would die unnecessarily).


tschuckman said...

I look and research this kind of stuff-- only to track what seems to be God's Hand in these foretold things.

More latter.....
Tom S

manda2177 said...

Sadly, the importance of this was lost on me because I just don't understand... I would need you to break it down even MORE for my feeble little mind!  Sorry!

Thanks for teh update as always!!!


cuteallison1980 said...

I'm sure our policy will change when the new administration takes over.  In which direction we go who knows.  What is right or wrong here.  Israel only exists because of us and our influence and protection.  The middle East has been nothing but unstable for millenia and nothing will change that going forward.  We do and will always support Israel.  Hope you are having a happy weekend.


moondawghouse said...

Well, Bush and Rice have been busy as bees, trying to broker a "peace" agreement between Israel and the Palestinians which ain't gonna work, no matter how you slice it. Israel's biggest problem right now is its own president, Olmert, who is a softie, compared to previous leadership there. Finally, his predecessor did himself no favors in ceding all that land to the Palestinians, reducing the country to a nearly defenseless status.

But, I believe in the Bible, Dirk, and Revelation says that God will protect Israel when she is attacked. And an attack was forecast in that same book. Could the attacker be Iran?? Or Russia, perhaps? Gog and Magog -- Gog is widely believed to be Russia, and Russia is allied with Iran. So, maybe Israel will attack Iran, the Russia will counterattack Israel. Don't know for sure until it happens, but something WILL happen over there before too much longer, I think.

Most interesting thing is that Revelation doesn't mention any ally of Israel's at all, like the U.S.


wwfbison said...

I just don't understand the politics behind any of this.  My ignorance regarding the middle east and who is who's ally is showing.  It was a very interesting read though and I would like to learn more.

alohamik said...

Hey Dirk,
I feel like the sad reality is that Israel already knows that we're not going to help them in the issue of Iran. They know what's going to happen if a certain political party comes into full power in november... sad really...


tschuckman said...

Via you last comment on my AOLA Blog-- you have the correct idea and we are of one mind.   I will send you and others my new Blog link when I get it.  Also, will you please send me the links to all your 'J Land; friends so I can maintain contact with them too ??  They are a fine source of encouragement to me in this upside world of Satan's.  
     Perhaps you can also help me with your 'side Banner graphics' -- they are so cool and echo my own sentiments of U.S. patriotism and mindset.    So cool!

In His Service,

Tom Schuckman ... from Wisconsin --    the over- taxed
"Old Soldier Tom's Journal|"

tschuckman said...

Biblically, that would be the "nail in our American coffin" -- and the curse in the Christian Bible says that 'all who help and bless Israel WILL be blessed also -- but all whole try to take away Israel's land or work against Israel will reap the woes.'  [Paraphrased].     IMHO, this would be the 'lynch pin' and signal for Jesus to come back shortly and 'Shepard the Nations with an IRON rod !   That is MY opinion.

Tom S