Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today I'm continuing my posting of party platforms.  I'll most likely be interjecting posts about the Presidential candidates in between as news happens.  Here's more of the Democratic party's platform:


  • Transparency in corporate accounting. (Jul 2004)
  • End corporate welfare as we know. (Jul 2004)
  • Tax credits and investment support for small business. (Jul 2004)

  • Crack down on gangs and drugs. (Jul 2004)
  • Fight crime with prevention, community police. (Aug 2000)
  • Tougher punishments, including the death penalty. (Aug 2000)
  • DNA testing & post-conviction reviews in death penalty cases. (Aug 2000)

  • Bring to justice those bringing drugs to America. (Jul 2004)
  • Drugs in prison: get clean to get out. (Aug 2000)
  • Dry up drug demand via more enforcement plus more treatment. (Aug 2000)
  • Fight drugs and economic hopelessness that fuels it. (Aug 2000)

  • Standardized tests to advance learning, not bureaucracy. (Jul 2004)
  • Charter schools OK, vouchers not. (Jul 2004)
  • Support lifelong learning and Distance Learning. (Jul 2004)
  • Bush broke promise of NCLB by not funding it. (Jul 2004)
  • Education is top priority in Democrat presidency. (Aug 2000)
  • Character education is an important aspect of education. (Aug 2000)
  • Accountability is a key to public school success. (Aug 2000)
  • Reduce class size, modernize facilities, hire new teachers. (Aug 2000)
  • Enact new tax programs to enable more life-long learning. (Aug 2000)
  • U.S. needs public school accountability, not vouchers. (Aug 2000)

  • We cannot drill our way to energy independence. (Jul 2004)
  • Energy independence to avoid dealing with repressive regimes. (Jul 2004)
  • Develop renewable energy and efficient vehicles. (Jul 2004)
  • Invest in technology & transportation friendly to earth. (Aug 2000)
  • First is on education.  The Democratic party does not support school vouchers which allows parents to send their children to the school of their choice.  You notice this gives parents freedom to determine what school is best for their children.  School vouchers creates healthy competition among schools in order to vie for students.  Under the current system, public schools do not have to compete for students, but they have a monopoly.  Therefore, no incentive to improve the quality of education.  And with the United States ranking EIGHTEENTH out of TWENTY-FOUR industrialized nations (click HERE for my post about this), I think we need to have vouchers nationally and stop the social experiments that have been going on for the past forty years.

    "Enact new tax programs to enable more lifelong learning".  Oh boy, that's just all we need, is yet another "tax program".  And just how is this "lifelong learning" supposed to work?  Unless you make school mandatory throughout adulthood, just where would this tax money go?  Into another black hole where no one could tell you what happened to it as is the case with much of our tax dollars now.

    Next, take a look at their stance on oil.  "We cannot drill our way to energy independence."  Oh, really?  The United States is sitting on one of the largest oil reserves in the world.  So large, in fact, that Red China, Cuba, and others are drilling for our oil offshore of the United States.  Your Congress and mine has made it illegal for us to drill offshore for it, so why not just let our sworn enemies have it, and trust them in their drilling practices more than we trust ourselves?  That's how the Democratic Party sees it.

    Next point:  "Develop renewable energy and efficient vehicles."  As has been shown over the past thirty plus years since the fuel mileage standards were signed into law in the early 1970's, you can't conserve your way out of a situation.  With the fuel efficiency of vehicles climbing steadily for all this time, our dependence on foreign oil has done what?  If you guessed gone down, wrong!  It was forty percent then, and the last figures I saw was sixty percent.  It may be more than that by now. 

    What can be done to start telling the Middle Eastern countries to take a hike?  Increase production here in the States.  There's enough oil in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWAR) alone to supply the equivalent of all the imports from Saudi Arabia for the next thirty years!

    Whether you agree with going back to producing our own oil here or not, the politicians (on both sides of the aisle) don't need to be acting like they're out working so hard to fix this problem.  THEY'RE THE ONES WHO CAUSED IT!  We, the people, didn't vote to make it illegal to drill offshore or in ANWAR or anywhere else.  THEY DID!



    jckfrstross said...

    if obama gets in this country is in big trouble. God help us!! have a good week:)


    lifesabench6 said...

    Excellent post as Usual Dirk- I have to admit, the Democratic party's platforms always SOUND good- until one reads all the fine print and does a little research about each thing.  As for the education, I couldn't agree with you more.  A parent has the right to see their kids have a quality education, but with the non competition of the NEA, quality has gone so far down hill, I don't see how it can ever be fixed.  Schools are getting so much money, but that has not helped.  We in Florida had a constitutional ammendment passed a few years ago to limit class sizes and hire more teachers and TA's- and now almost all of our counties are going bankrupt!  The limiting of class size alone is NOT affordable and will do nothing to help.  I think that's one of the reasons why home schooling in our state is easy- the school boards still get tax money, but fewer students to worry about!  Anyway, education is just the tip of it- with the fact that oil is being sucked out of our nation by every other country but us, and the fact that many other oil rich areas are under federal preserves- I don't see our lofty public servants (Sarcasm!) letting us drill any time soon- nor to build any new refineries which we desperately need.  As you know Dirk, I couldgo on and on- but for the sake ofeveryone here, I won't!  God Bless you andhave agreat week!  Thank you for your comments too Dirk- and your friendship.  It means so much to me!!  Carolyn

    nelishianatl said...

    I dread it for our granddaughter when she is old enough to go to school if she is forced to attend public school and be indoctrinated with so many things, and then forced to do fund raisers for money for their 'poor' schools.  May we be allowed to choose where she goes or still be legally allowed to teach her at home.

    Your wife,

    tschuckman said...

    In my humble opinion, voting for Barrack Hussein Obama anytime soon would be the same as being those small rodent Lemmings who run over a cliff en mass to kill themselves.   I the American people so choose to commit spiritual suicide-- then that is what God will give them !   According to the BOOK, it's already a done deal...

    No human being can get us out of our predicament in this 11th hour, and Obama will just accelerate things.   Those who put their faith and trust in earthly man will come up with a sack full of holes.   Kiss and Son and be saved... now!

    Tom Schuckman
    Rain Soaked Wisconsin...

    randlprysock said...

    Another excellent post with much wisdom and research.... I so enjoy stopping by to read your updates... forgive me I am way behind on alerts and I haven't been getting any from your wife and hope she is doing fine.... please tell her I have not been getting alerts for everyone.  Hope she is well.    

    wipforever said...

    Very good post, Dirk (as always, heehee!).  Although today, the Republicans shot down a bill with regard to tax cuts for big oil, I still don't think that Democrats know what they are doing.

    You are not the only one that I've heard voice the opinion of drilling.  I think we should really take a good look at things directly instead of listening to environmental lobbyists and really see what impact drilling in Alaska will have.  


    wwfbison said...

    Another informative entry Dirk.  I wasn't aware of the offshore drilling by other countries, how ridiculous is that?  I Pray with all my heart Obama doesn't get elected...if we think we have problems now......