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I don't normally make more than one entry in a day, but there's no law, right?  Speaking of the law - CAROLYN (clickable link for a listing and links to her journals) sent me this article about the Obama campaign receiving nearly $30,000 from foreign nationals, Palestinians no less.  This is a clear violation of Federal law as candidates can receive NO campaign funds from any foreign country or foreign national.  This post will be in two parts as there are two separate articles.  This story is documented by Federal Election Commission reports.  Follow the link in the article if you want to see if for yourself.


Obama receives illegal funds from 'terrorist hotbed'
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 8/6/2008 6:00:00 AMBookmark and Share

Barack Obama According to Federal Election Commission filings, Barack Obama has received illegal donations from Palestinians living in Gaza, a hotbed of Hamas terrorists.


Obama received more than $24,000 in campaign contributions over a period of two months last fall from three Palestinian brothers from the "Edwan" family in Rafah, Gaza, which is a Hamas stronghold along the border with Egypt. The story was uncovered by Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugs blog. (see Federal Election Commission report)

Attorney and conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel notes foreign nationals are barred from making contributions in connection with any election -- federal, state, or local -- and an individual is allowed to give only $2,300 per election to a federal candidate or the candidate's campaign committee.

"The donations are basically through and through illegal -- that's number one. And number two is how the Obama campaign tried to conceal it," Schlussel Terrorist with hostagechides. "They listed the campaign contributions as coming from Rafah, Georgia. They used the 'GA' from Gaza so it makes it look like it's legal; and then for the zip code it says '972,' which is actually the area code to dial over to Gaza," she contends. 

The attorney comments that if the Obama campaign is willing to "accept thousands of dollars beyond the legal limit and they're also going to flout [Federal Election Commission] restrictions...that's very indicative of what kind of president [Obama] is going to be."

"They're not going to be worried about the details and they won't mind if they break the law to get to the final result that they want," adds Schlussel. She believes it is a "major news story when a presidential candidate receives money from 'a bastion of Islamic terrorism.' And Schlussel argues that the media is "bending over backwards to help Barack Obama and cover up any negative news about him."

Schlussel says Pamela Geller will likely file a Federal Election Commission complaint against the Obama campaign for violating restrictions and limits on campaign contributions.

Arabs deny Obama camp returned illegal donations
Candidate's staffers insist Gaza brothers refunded, but men say, 'We did not receive any money back'


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